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Northwest Wisconsin Educators for Regional Development


To continue a conversation among northwest Wisconsin educators who are involved in strategic initiatives and collaborations for educational attainment and economic development.


The Northwest Wisconsin Educators for Regional Development (NorthWERD) promotes innovation and takes action to provide more seamless opportunities for educational attainment and career preparation. By creating connections and eliminating barriers amongst the NorthWERD partners, we will build educational bridges to the future for the students, citizens, communities and regional economy of greater northwest Wisconsin.

Focus Areas

  • Responding to Regional Needs:

    • Collaboratively assess the broad educational and economic development needs of the region and partner to meet those needs as appropriate.

  • Economic Development Enhancement:

    • Assess existing research and engage in additional research as needed to understand the future educational needs and economic opportunities of the region.

  • Career Pathways to Success:

    • Develop educational pathways that are responsive to existing and emerging career pathways and that span two or more of the NorthWERD partners. Take action to create, strengthen and communicate these educational pathways to students, parents and the public.


NorthWERD Group

WHAT: Eight institutions in Northwestern Wisconsin form a regional consortium of educational partners called Northwest Wisconsin Educators for Regional Development or NorthWERD. The group has been developed to respond to the needs of regional developers and students, as well as identify regional economic trends and opportunities for graduates as they choose a career path.

WHO: NorthWERD comprises representatives from public, private, and tribal higher learning institutions and agencies, including:

WHY: NorthWERD has outlined three focus areas that will help participating institutions be more responsive to economic development needs in order to promote healthier, sustainable communities. The consortium of educators will focus on responding to regional educational and economic development needs, assess existing research and gather additional data to pinpoint economic opportunities, provide career pathways to success and offer academic advising and assessment for parents and students.


CONTACT: Organizations and individuals interested in discussing opportunities to work with NorthWERD can contact the group’s chair:

Brittany K. Nielsen - email


Campus Director 

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire – Barron County

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