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Building upon conversations that took place during previous RIsE events, the 2018 RIsE Breakfast Series focused on Developing Attractive Communities in Northwest Wisconsin. In 2017, RIsE featured a statewide study on gaining and maintaining young people in Wisconsin communities. Findings from the research revealed important qualities of communities that are important for attraction, such as the development of outdoor amenities, the small-town sense of community, and proximity to quality schools, entertainment, and shopping opportunities.

RIsE 2018 included a comprehensive presentation on Placemaking by Dave Armstrong, Barron County Economic Development Executive Director, followed by a panel discussion showcasing a variety of examples of successful community attraction and development projects. For our RIsE 2018 sessions, we visited the communities of Hayward, Washburn, and Phillips. 


RIsE was brought to the region through the collaboration of Visions Northwest, Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board, and Northwest Wisconsin Educators for Regional Development


Thank you to our 2018 RIsE Sponsors:


Placemaking in Northwest Wisconsin (detailed)

Placemaking - Overview and Process (simplified)

View Dave Armstrong's Placemaking Presentation on YouTube

(credit: Rice Lake Community Media)












Placemaking Reports:

Placemaking Report Barron_SUMMARY

Placemaking Report Cumberland_SUMMARY

Placemaking Report Rice Lake_FINAL

Additional Resources:

Hayward Session - April 5th, 2018

Hayward Community Attraction Panel Bios

Washburn Session - May 10th, 2018

Washburn Community Attraction Panel Bios

Phillips Session - May 31st, 2018

Phillips Community Attraction Panel Bios

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